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Offering healing and empowerment to individuals enabling them to enrich their lives and reach their potential.



BACP (Snr. Accred), UKRCP, MSc., PG Dip., Ad.Dip.Couns., BA(Hons)., Cert.Ed.

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality on the planet and the roots of many of today’s religions can be found in shamanism.  Shamanism can be found across the globe and the similarities in this spiritual practice connect all peoples and cultures. Today, through quantum physics, there is a growing awareness that the shamanic world view can be evidenced.  All is interconnected through a web of life and the perception of reality is dependent on the individual.


The Shamans were the medicine men and women of the tribe, the seers, the healers and the mystics.  They communicated with the land and the spirits to bring healing, food and wisdom to their people.  They also had an incredible understanding of the human psyche and health and that knowledge and understanding is as valid today as it was for our ancestors.


I use the ancient tools of Shamanism, based around journeying or ‘core shamanism’ to facilitate healing and growth and bring personal empowerment.  In both my Shamanic and Astrological sessions I incorporate my counselling skills, knowledge and experience, drawing on both ancient and modern techniques and understandings to facilitate personal growth


For as long as I can remember it is to the Earth and Nature I have turned for solace and from that evolved my interest in Shamanism


I am also able to offer the following:


Journeying to the other realities to collect information on the required healing and the necessary healing where appropriate.  This could be

•    returning power

•    returning relevant soul parts

•    extraction of negative energy

•    information on past lives


Each session takes one hour and costs £40.


I am available to teach the technique of Journeying, which enables contact with Spirit Guides and Power Animals.  This tool can enable an individual to gain information for their own growth and healing.  Individual or group sessions can be arranged.



This involves returning to a time in this lifetime or another when an emotional blockage occurred that is now hindering our growth.  The blockage is removed and healing takes place.


Soul Retrieval:

At times of stress, trauma or illness parts of our soul can leave and go to a safe place (in psychological terms this is known as disassociation).  Sometimes these soul parts do not return and can leave us feeling depleted, prone to illness and feeling disempowered.  Through Soul Retrieval these soul parts can be returned, allowing us to grow into our full potential.


Indications of soul loss:

• Difficulty in staying ‘present’ in your body

• Feelings of numbness, apathy or feeling deadened

• Chronic depression

• Problems with the immune system and resisting illness

• Chronic illness as a child

• Gaps in memory of life after age of 5 years – sense of having blocked out significant traumas in your life

• Addictions including alcohol, drugs, food, sex & gambling

• Difficulty in moving on with life after a divorce or death of a loved one

• Multiple personality syndrome



Shamanic Healing

Sound Healing:

Through the power of the voice, blockages can be cleared and the bodies energy centres recharged and realigned, allowing us to feel more at peace and able to cope better with the demands of our lives.


Cord cutting

Our connection to others can cause a leakage of energy and a difficulty in moving in forward in our own lives.  The ritual of cord cutting and the subsequent healing can help us form healthier relationships and let go of what is no longer appropriate in our lives.


Past life healing

This works with both Shamanic tools and Karmic Astrology to gain a greater understanding of the issues we have inherited from other life times and are currently addressing in this lifetime.






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Minimum of six sessions.


                                                    Evening Session (+5.30pm) £55


Some low cost places are sometimes available for those in extreme need. Email for further details.


Supervision                                           £60, £75 per 1.5hrs


Mentoring                                                        £50


Shamanic healing sessions                                £50







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"We have it in our power to begin the world again”.


- Thomas Paine

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